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Article submission is also known as article/blog marketing and/or content marketing. It’s an extremely effective method to get your website noticed by search engines and obtain vital backlinks. Because of this, consistent article submission has become a standard and necessary practice in all effective SEO campaigns.

If you’ve been doing your own article submission using article submission software or DIY article marketing sites, you’ve likely realized the process itself can be labor intensive and even expensive. Many article directories have intricate procedures in place that must be followed in order for you to successfully submit your article. There are literally hundreds if not thousands of articles submission directories out there, each one with its own criteria. You have to register, check your email, login, create a profile, register, check your email, login, create profile… over and OVER!… But times have changed with the emergence of article submission software programs that do a neat job of submitting the articles either semi-automatically or automatically. The problem with these types of software programs, however, is they often either stop when they’re partially finished, or fail to submit the articles under the correct section. Article submission programs can also cost hundreds of dollars and still leave you with hidden links or comments in your article submissions that could potentially hurt you rather than help.

To confuse matters, content for article submission directories must be original, and not “spun”, as you can easily be penalized by the search engines for marketing duplicate content. So every time you submit an article it absolutely must be unique!

Digital Age Marketing Group strategically builds links to and from relevant sites only. We house a knowledgeable and professional content creation team, generating original, high quality articles for your website. You can help us choose topics you want to target, and we’ll create and submit your articles in established, well-known, high traffic article directories, thereby improving your visibility on search engines. Our article submission service lets you reach out to hundreds and thousands of potential customers. Your website’s inbound links increase as you sit back and watch.

Article submission is a great way to promote your website and build links in a way that produces real results almost immediately. Contact us today and find out how article submission can help your business succeed.

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