Bing Revamps Search Hoping to Become a Major Competitor

New York, NY- Search engines are big business, but Google has been the reigning king of search and internet marketing, with a majority of internet searches originating from the platform. Now, Bing wants to become a major contender, and has now added a new feature targeted at fans of social media.

For some time, Bing has partnered with Facebook, but they recently added a feature that more deeply intertwines the two entities and makes search more personal for the user, by tapping into their online social contacts.

When a person is logged into Facebook through Bing and begins a search, for example, a search engine optimization firm, the user will get results with picture of their friends who have an interest in the subject along with their personal recommendations.

As the majority of legal internet marketing experts have long recognized, social connections have a huge impact on consumers. Study after study has shown that people often utilize social media to ask friends and family about businesses and products. They trust the opinions of people they have a social connection with, and a positive review can help a company attract new customers.

This is the biggest revamp since Bing began three years ago. Facebook and Bing have been closely aligned in the hopes they can compete with Google who has the lion’s share of the search market.

“Bing is taking a thoughtful approach to giving people the option to call on their friends as part of the search experience,’ said Bing’s Ethan Beard, director of platform partnerships at Facebook.

Social media and search are important tools in legal internet marketing. Any improvements are attractive to internet users and businesses alike and may help Bing become a serious search contender.

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