Company Unveils Next Generation of Smartphone Technology

If you own a touchscreen smartphone, chances are you have suffered from “autocorrect-it is” one too many times.

Touchscreens may be cool, but they can definitely be a pain in the rear when you are trying to write a quick text, important email, or, of course, catch up on your social media marketing endeavors, and end up with unintelligible nonsense.

However, a California company may soon have the remedy to the mistype ailment that so many of us have suffered from – a touchscreen phone with keys that pop up only when you need them.

If you are a little shocked, don’t worry, the idea seems a little more than just peculiar and slightly impossible. However, Tactus Technology claims the innovation is underway.

Move over iPhone and Android, the new generation of smartphone is about to be unleashed. Tactus Technology’s new rise and fall keyboard is poised to be the next big concoction for both personal convenience and legal Internet marketing.

The keys will allegedly rise out of the touchscreen of a smartphone or other device, then disappear once you are done using them.

Tactile Layer, as the company is calling it, uses haptics, or a touch-based interface, to make shapes rise and recede on a touchscreen.

Tactus displayed  the keyboard on a prototype Android tablet at this week’s Society for Information Display showcase in Boston, calling it  “the world’s first deformable tactile surface.” The company explains the layer would not add any thickness to the device, as it replaces an already existing layer, and will be flat and transparent.

The technology could lead to huge advances in the world of online marketing, allowing for enhanced communication between businesses and customers.

Tactus has partnered with Touch Revolution, a touchscreen manufacturer, and says the first product will  be available by mid-2013.

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