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Directory submission is the technique of registering or listing a website or webpage on one of the various directories assisting end users in navigating the online business world. Directory submission could entail listing a website with one or all of the major business directories like DMOZ, Jayde, or ExactSeek, or could target some of the smaller, more personalized business directories for specific industry related companies. Any efficient website submission campaign will involve submitting material to the largest directories of the specific industry the client operates in.

Why do directory submission? The truth of the matter is that search engines like to find your site “by accident”; that is by finding you on a directory, rather than directly submitting the site itself to them. Digital Age Marketing Group incorporates these strategies in a way that ultimately gets our clients’ websites indexed much quicker by the search engines. Directory submission programs will increase your link popularity, thereby obtaining enhanced rankings.

Directory submission alone will not get a website ranked closer to the top of the varied search engines, but when it’s done in correlation with other effective SEO strategies, search rank increases. In turn, your website will see improved traffic, meaning more visitors to your website. And more visitors, of course, means more converted business. By studying how the search engines work and using numerous, varied website submission techniques, Digital Age Marketing Group can assist in bringing additional visibility and traffic to your website, thereby putting you ahead of your competitors.

By staying up to date on what content and web pages the search engines are crawling and indexing, our URL Submission programs will help get your website ranking higher in the search engines with up to date, relevant content, giving you the ability to capture a larger percentage of your target audience/customer base.

Digital Age Marketing Group is always developing fresh URL submission techniques to keep your company ranking ahead of the competition. Our strategic and powerful website submission programs are available to businesses in any field, in any corner of the world. For more information about our directory submission programs, please contact us today.

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