EXHIBITOR Magazine Survey Shows Social Media Valued as Critical Marketing Tool

ROCHESTER, Minnesota – Leading trade show and corporate event marketing education company EXHIBITOR Media Group has announced the results of EXHIBITOR Magazine’s 2012 Social-Media Marketing Survey, sponsored by Lynch Exhibits Inc.

According to a 2010 benchmark survey, the percentage of marketers using social media in their exhibition programs has increased by nearly 90 percent.

Eight out of ten marketers admit to using social media sites and applications for various business needs, including exhibit and event marketing. They claim that using social media in their legal Internet marketing campaigns has helped raise brand awareness, improve relationships with clients, increase traffic, as well as improve sales.

“It’s clear that the use of social media as a marketing tool has exploded over the past two years,” said Travis Stanton, editor of EXHIBITOR magazine. “And while there are still challenges, including lack of time and resources, most respondents agree that social media is a powerful tool for face-to-face marketers.”

Results regarding the 2012 Social-Media Marketing Survey will be published in the June issue of EXHIBITOR magazine.

Social media marketing involves the use of sites like Facebook and Twitter to expand a company’s presence on the Web. Social media sites are beneficial toward any online marketing campaign because they allow for improved communication between businesses and customers and also provide a gateway through which businesses can advertise their products and services.

While social media marketing may be a critical aspect of running a solid Internet marketing effort, other tools, such as key word research, e-commerce, Pay-Per-Click advertising and link building strategies are equally important to ensure a site ranks high across a search engine results page.

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