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Whenever you want to find out about a local business, you would reach out to your local yellow pages directory to find out the type of services provided by local businesspersons around your area. Taking this type of search one level up and with everything going online, Google has hosted its online local business listing service which means that if you are not registered or listed to Google Local Business Listing, you may be losing our your business opportunity to your competitor who is listed in this local business listing.

How does this work?

Let us take an example of a service related business, say plumbing. You need to get a plumbing job done at a site and you want to know about all the plumbing services that are operational in and around your area. When you type in the plumbing services keywords in the search box of the search engine, it will show you the Google local business listings followed by the name of the city in the search. Not only this, it will also show you a mini Google map along with 10 URLs which will also have the phone numbers listed for each of the business. Google’s local business listings are becoming increasingly popular and more and more people are clicking on these links to get their work done.

If your business is listed in the yellow pages then it will also work to your advantage as Google takes the information from these yellow pages and other third party business directories to generate the local business listings.

Once you take ownership, you can update it with the latest information and keep it up-to-date for maximum business advantage. As it is with Google it loves to keep the site updated and keeps adding new features to the local listings. In some instances, it has also integrated the YouTube videos with its listings. This keeps the site attractive and ensures more and more people keep visiting repeatedly.

Registering with Google local business listing is simple, and it happens in just a few simple steps like logging in and registering in with Google Maps, adding a new business or claiming an existing business from a claim list, add details like address, phone number etc, validate the same and then submit it. Easy and simple, and ensures that your business grows online with maximum clicks and greater visibility.

To make sure your google local business listing is at the top of the Google Map see Google Local Business Listing.

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