Google Panda to receive update

There is good news for those who believe in original, quality SEO content. Google Panda is about to receive a new update to version 2.2.


The head of the Web spam team at Google, Matt Cutts, confirmed the imminent update at the SMX Advanced conference this week.


All you spammers and black hat SEO lovers out there beware.  The new version of Panda will be aimed at scoping out content that is hidden on sites as well as copied or unoriginal content.


Matt McGee, executive news editor for Search Engine Land, explains in further detail how the update on Panda will be implemented.


“In particular…the Panda algorithm is run against Google’s entire index of pages on an infrequent basis, in order to tag certain sites that should be dinged by it, as opposed to some of its automatic spam detection tools,” he said. “For example, Google’s constantly scanning for pages that might use hidden text. If it spots them, then it may assess a penalty. Google is not constantly scanning for pages that might get hit by its Panda penalty. Instead, Google manually runs that algorithm, which then determines which web sites should be hit by it.”

No matter how many new viruses are created and no matter how cunning spammers think they are, Google will always be one step ahead of them.  By getting manually involved with the implementation of stricter algorithms and web ethics standards, Google will be better able to seek out the malware, black hat SEO and other various spam practitioners in order to ensure that websites with real content and organic SEO are able to achieve their rightful top spot on a search result.

Because of black hat SEO tactics, websites that don’t deserve to rank high for a particular keyword or phrase do. Practitioners hide white text against a white background, saturate content with too many key terms, as well as other practices that are frowned upon in the internet marketing world.

The black hat SEO practitioners don’t take the time to work for their pages to rank high and merely try to cut corners. A successful SEO campaign takes time to achieve but spammers don’t believe in allowing the quality of their pages to speak for themselves.

Those who spend time and money into improving their websites the ethical way will not be penalized. White hat SEO sites will soon see that their pages will rank better overall once the new version of Panda is released.