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Internet marketing has come up big time over this last decade. There are about million of visitors every single day. This not only provide visitors to get relevant information but also provide an opportunity for website owners to display their best products at competitive prices so that buyers can make instant choice & go for a purchase. . Talking global here, as internet is not limited to a single country. Every country has internet these days. Internet marketing is good for you because it is cheap, it is unique, and it is instant. We all owe great Thanks to Google for playing an integral role behind this revolution.

Google is one of the main & the biggest players, when it comes to Internet Marketing. It has not only introduced a new ways to get results but also helped the buyers & sellers to come face to face with each other ethically.

Understanding the need of the market, Google has launched several innovative products which cater to almost everyone. One of such platform is Google Local Business Center.

Yes, Google local business center!!! This tool considers & target local businesses & audiences. Any new business can register themselves for free & the visitors on Google can find them & contact them. The best examples would be Restaurants, Bars, Local grocery Stores, Real estate agents & many more

Not only this, the main focused framework of Google i.e, Search engine has opened doors for several Search engine marketing companies. These companies play an integral role in getting businesses listed among top pages of search engines by performing SEO optimization & PPC. Since 90% of the total traffic comes from top pages. There’s always a tough competition among companies as everyone is competing for top page rankings. Search engine marketing companies perform SEO optimization on these sites by optimizing the site through on page & off page activities.

After reviewing the 2 major performing area of Google, let’s talk about another innovation by Google to enhance ROI of website owners. Considering the high competition to get ranked, Google came up with the idea of paid rankings. These were no regular Pay for rankings concept. They twisted the term & added more value to it by adding sales lead generation part to it. To simplify, this meant that if you go for a pay per click options i.e, Google Adwords then you can choose the payment option. You will be liable to make payments only when someone visits the website & they enter the required information or make a purchase from the specific (landing) page. Since the day Sales Lead Generation has been in force, it has gained tremendous appreciation & is quite preferred by today’s online entrepreneur.

Hence, we can say that Internet Marketing has not only made shopping easy, less time consuming but also with its innovative techniques & discoveries, it has made the world go virtual. We won’t be wrong if we say if a fast changing & growing world of internet which we all are waiting to explore.

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