The Kansas City Metropolitan Bar Association

As a member of  Kansas City Metropolitan Bar Association, it is crucial for you to have a web presence to grow and scale your firm so that the clients who are in need of your legal representation or advice find you, and not another lawyer who offers the same type of legal counsel. The legal field is a competitive market and the truth is, the internet has become the primary source where people in need of legal aid turn to find it. And if you aren’t there, how will anyone find you when they need a lawyer?

10% percent discounts on all rates include:

  1. Search Engine Optimization Services
  2. Website Creation
  3. Social Media Management
  4. Video Creation and Optimization
  5. Link Building Services can ensure that those in need of an attorney find you

Before we explain what makes us the best marketing firm in the industry, we first want you to understand how online marketing works. In order to build your online presence, you need a website that provides informative and valuable content, and it must function properly so that web browsers such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo recognize it. That is one area where our experts can help you. Once you establish yourself online, you will want to offer useful information, generally in the form of a blog or e-newsletter, which not only helps you capture the attention of organic viewers, but also helps your website rank higher.

Now, where does this information come from and who generates it?

Our writers will also take the time to learn more about you and your practice and incorporate this information into each and every blog so that the readers get a feel for how you can help them overcome the obstacle they are faced with or get through the legal battle they may be dealing with. Aside from that, our writers produce content that will reach your target audience, and by that we mean those who actually need a lawyer like you.

There’s more to it than just providing helpful content.

At, we understand how demanding your career is, and the last thing you have time for is drafting a blog, editing it, uploading it, and hoping the content gets in front of your target audience. That is why we are here to help remove this burden from your shoulders. Instead of you worrying about what content needs to be written and how to write it so that it conforms to SEO (Search Engine Optimization), we take care of that for you. We have a team of talented and skilled writers who specialize in digital marketing that will choose content that is trending and focused on your particular areas of practice and will use that to generate blogs that are appealing, interesting, and informative.

Aside from managing your website, creating compelling content that will draw in potential clients, and handling all the complex tasks that goes into online marketing, we can also help grow your presence on social media. Today, millions of individuals are subscribed to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. which means you also want to target these avenues as well. But, with so many people trying to accomplish the same thing as you, a different approach must be taken to ensure your site is seen and that your content doesn’t get lost.

Our team will help you create the image you want to portray on these social media sites so that no matter where an individual in need of legal aid searches, they find you. Also Guarantees to Get You on the first page of Google

While the content written is going to play a large role in growing your online presence, there are many things that go on behind the scenes that also contribute to getting your target audience to find you when they search the web. At, we have a team of knowledgeable and experienced experts who are familiar with things like SEO and coding who can tackle all aspects of digital marketing. We know how important it is for your website and its content to be seen by real people, not computer bots, which is why our team works diligently to ensure it is internet friendly and stands a chance at being placed in front of the audience you want to see it. Essentially, we take care of it all. From developing your website to creating content, handles everything so that you can continue to give your clients the attention they need.

While other digital marketing companies promise you they can get “X” amount of traffic to your site, guarantees to get your firm or practice on the first page of Google, and that’s big. And just so we help you understand how important this is, we want you to consider your own experience when searching the web. Think about the last time you went to search for something online. You typed your request for information into Google’s search bar and the first page appeared with various results. Now, how often do you click the next button to see what the following page has provided in terms of results? If your like millions of Americans, then you probably said not too often.

The fact is, most people rely on first page results to provide them with the content they are seeking. And if you aren’t on that first page, the chances of a potential client finding you drop significantly.

Basically, it all comes down to who is managing your website, your content, and your social media presence.  All of this will determine how well you rank online, and the higher you rank, the better chance you have at targeting your audience and growing that client list of yours. Although many digital marketing firms make promises and offer guarantees, doesn’t take the cookie cutter approach. We work one-on-one with each of our clients, learn what their needs and desires are, and work with them to ensure all of those are met. At, we hold the key to helping attorneys successfully market themselves online that will ultimately lead to them growing their firm or practice.