Online Reputation Management

In Michael Chabon’s novel, The Yiddish Policeman’s Union one of the characters says “If you don’t need a lawyer, then no one needs a lawyer. And believe me, everyone needs a lawyer.” The same can be said about online reputation management: “if you don’t need reputation management, then no one needs reputation management, and believe me, everyone needs reputation management.”

The truth is that nearly everyone has had some event or attribute that they would rather not be made readily available to the public. Perhaps something embarrassing from college, something posted online by one’s counterpart in a relationship gone bad, or a myriad of other situations; legal, financial, or personal. Any careless remark or photograph, intentional or not, could damage an individual’s reputation online and, ultimately, offline – jeopardizing one’s career, one’s relationships, and one’s dignity.

Our company is able to provide minimization or eliminations of such risks. Through a series of proprietary algorithms and carefully designed web pages we can help to restore your privacy and avoid embarrassing situations in the future, thus making your reputation one that you can be proud of, online and off.

If you are even considering online reputation management, it is important not to wait. Once an article, a comment, or an image begins circulating, it becomes more and more difficult to suppress. Please explore the options we can give you to help ensure your piece of mind and to make the damage done to your reputation negligible, rather than irrevocable.

We learn from our mistakes, however, the internet, digital cameras, blogs and social networks are unforgiving, and the internet’s ubiquitous nature makes it such that mistakes can haunt a person for many years. What would it do to the practice of a cardiologist when his college keg stand pictures surface? what sort of havoc would the disparaging words of a former fiancé have when those words are read by the parents of one’s partner as they begin a new relationship? What would the impact be on a business when one mistake by the company’s management snowballs into a critique which exists, perpetually tarnishing one’s reputation online, for weeks, months, or years?

Managing one’s online reputation is critical. Of course, the best way to deal with the problem is to maintain care in all one’s actions online. Do not allow yourself to be photographed in compromising positions. Do not use slurs or other language that you would not want repeated in a public forum. However, control of such situations sometimes slips, and judgment may sometimes lapse. in circumstances where your reputation online is in jeopardy, we can help to manage the event.

Please contact us whatever your situation, and our team will begin protecting and ensuring the respect of your colleagues, your loved ones, and ultimately, the respect that you give to yourself. We can help you to put your best face forward on the internet and to accentuate the best parts of your past and your present, minimizing the impact of statement, pictures, films, or anything else that might detract from the image you wish to project.

In the end, be aware of the image that you create on the internet, and if mistakes are made, let us help you to manage your online reputation, so that when the world looks at you, your best assets are what they see first.

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