SEO Evolution

Search Engine Optimization has come a long way, twisting and shifting its shape many times. In an ever-evolving world, not even the concepts of SEO stay stagnant, which is why you should always make sure your SEO habits are not outdated. There used to be a set of norms in the field of SEO that were believed to improve the ranking of a website, but, alas, those schools of thought have become obsolete. There are a few SEO tools that have been modified over the past few years, which include the way we think about exact term anchor text, content division and branding. Let’s examine why exactly these old ‘git-er-done’s’ don’t work quite as well as they once did.


Let’s start with anchor text. When SEO first emerged, the best way to improve the ranking of a website was to build links based on keyword-rich or exact anchor text. However, as internet marketing rules  have evolved, it has become the general norm that people should stay away from using exact phrases because it looks unnatural to search engines. And what happens when a search engine doubts your validity? You become labeled spam. The best way to deal with anchor text is to ensure a good distribution between a variety of keyword and branded text.


When it comes to content, it was once believed that the size of your site was extremely important in affecting your place on a search result. Websites would have content divided into separate pages, thinking it would get their sites more visibility. However, this way of thinking has also become outdated. With the new Google Panda update claiming that pages of insignificant content will be disregarded, it’s time to start becoming more concise on our websites. The more pages we have, the more we may be tempted to go off on a tangent. Sticking to a few pages of quality content will pay off in the long run much more than having an arsenal of web pages.

Finally, we have to retrain our way of thinking about branding. Back then, removing the brand name from the title element and replacing it with non-branded terms was the thing to do. These days, search engines prefer that you share non-branded terms with branded ones. Remember, SEO these days is all about balance. It would be in your best interest to add your brand into the homepage of your title.

When it comes to SEO, you always have to keep evolving. The more you check updates on Google and the more you are willing to think outside the box, the better your site will rank.