Blog submission

Blog submission brings your website specific, keyword targeted blog traffic- people coming to you through the unique, freshly updated content we’re creating for your site. Writing great blog content is only half the battle- getting it in front of a real audience who will share, tweet, +1, like etc. the blogs is key. Each share, like, +1 etc. is a live, active link promoting your content and helping to increase your site’s search rank. Think of it like a reward – Google and the other search engines see that your blog content is actually being shared and recommended consistently by end users, so they rank your website higher and higher as our campaign pushes along.

In this way, blog traffic can substantially increase overall traffic to your main website and help with conversions.

Many companies like to write blog content themselves and then have companies like ours perform their blog submissions for them. Rest assured that we’ll submit your blogs to the best sites, targeting the most relevant demographics for your particular industry. Not only can Digital Age Marketing Group handle your blog promotion for content that you’ve written, but we’ll also review it to ensure it contains specific key phrases or words at the correct density, propelling your website higher in the search engines, giving you much greater visibility and maximizing your advertising dollars.

We know the ins and outs of blog submission and we’ll bring your company the results you’re looking for. We’ll get your blog indexed and listed on all the major search engines- Google, Yahoo and Bing being at the forefront.