One Bad Search Result Can Break Your Business.

Are You Making the Best Impression? A negative review or comment can cost you thousands of dollars in lost customers. Consumers nowadays put a lot of trust in what they are reading online. Are you telling the right story? Digital Age Marketing Group can help you design, monitor, and control your online reputation. Our comprehensive and professional reputation management services are what you need to build and protect your brand.

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Do I Really Need to Invest in Reputation Management?

It probably took you years to build a business that you are proud of and are confident that your customers will appreciate your solutions. One PR blunder, one social media slip off, or one minor oversight can wreak havoc all your hard work. Unhappy customers cost businesses over $537 billion yearly. A bad reputation can make it difficult for you to retain customers, shareholders, and employees, making the cost of running your business significantly higher.

At Digital Age Marketing, we make sure that the reputation you’ve worked so hard to create will remain intact. We focus on strengthening your brand’s online presence and minimizing the potential impact of negative content. We do this by improving your search engine ranking, creating quality content, responding to both negative and positive reviews, and creating an environment that encourages positive brand messages.

Our Online Reputation
Management Process

We know that reputation management is a sensitive topic and that only the best and most effective strategies can help businesses control how their customers perceive them. We created a through a process that focuses on analyzing your company’s image and developing the best strategy for your unique needs.


We start by researching and analyzing your current rankings and brand image. This complex analysis will enable us to identify the strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities that we could leverage to improve your reputation.


After we get a better understanding of the complexity of your business and the environment it operates in, we build a customized strategy that addresses your specific needs and requirements. We know that no two clients are alike, so we don’t rely on easy or one-size-fits-all formulas.

Targeted Monitoring:

Our job is not over just yet! After designing and implementing a thorough reputation management strategy, we will continue to monitor your brand’s performance and address any concerns immediately. Our proactive approach allows us to take action quickly and ensure your reputation remains intact.