Video Search Engine
Optimization (SEO)

There’s a saying when it comes to achieving top Google search engine results, “Content is king. And video is the king of content.” Because of this, video optimization.

Video Search Engine Optimization (SEO), is more important to businesses’ online marketing efforts than ever before. Your customers who find you online want to see consistent, quality video content providing them with the most informative viewing experience possible.


SEO campaign

SEO has been the best and most effective way to increase your online business presence for quite some time- incorporating video into this effort is a novel method that only serves to make an SEO campaign even more effective. Optimizing video for search (SEO) gives your business an online footprint not only in Google’s search engine results, but also in YouTube’s search results. By building links through YouTube, you increase your online business presence, increasing your potential to attract new potential clients. By providing quality online content you build credibility with potential leads and increase the prestige of your brand.

Cultivating a diversified portfolio of content on your Website and on the Internet in general increases your online visibility in the eyes of the search engines, serving to generate new client leads. But even great content isn’t enough in today’s diverse and high-quality content universe. You need to understand how clients consume online videos to properly engage with them. You need to optimize your videos correctly to attract more viewers. Digital Age Marketing Group is an experienced SEO team with a proven track record of creating content that generates views and attracts new clients. We possess the skill and experience to create and develop video content that garners viewers, bringing your company the attention it deserves.

YouTube SEO Video Optimization That Generates Results

In order to garner more views, your video content needs to be informative, entertaining, and sharable. Finding a video optimization service provider that understands the kind of content viewers want is key to growing viewership for your YouTube videos. You want to develop content for your site that will be valuable enough to generate shares and links. Digital Age Marketing Group houses a team of experts dedicated to researching content, filming high quality video, and optimizing the edited videos for your YouTube channel.

Proper tagging and titling are both incredibly important factors in ensuring your videos reach a top ranking position in Google search. Tagging your video with brand names and relevant keywords, combined with associating the content with well-developed text is essential to ensure that YouTube and Google’s search engines can find your videos and deliver the content to end users. YouTube no longer prioritizes videos based on views alone, but rather bases its algorithms on “watch time.” The longer consumers watch your videos, the more likely your company’s videos will reach the top of search. You want to develop content that generates limited bounce and keeps viewers engaged. For this reason, it’s important that your tags match your content precisely and that your video is optimized properly. All of this helps keep viewers engaged.

Google Trends informs us which keywords are garnering the most views, helping us understand what topics are being searched for most on YouTube. Using these tools, we attract the widest demographic range tailored to your content. Finally, we ensure that all videos include a call to action to draw end users to your website and business, helping you attract customers and generate revenue. We also create a play list on your YouTube channel. This means that when one of your videos ends, another video on your channel will automatically start. This increases both watch time and your YouTube ranking. With a proper channel description, and strong key words, you can get more users to subscribe to your channel, creating more leads and more business for you.

You’ll also want high-quality thumbnails that are visually engaging. Consumers will judge whether to watch your video in a split-second based on the quality of the image and design you provide. Digital Age Marketing Group has years of experience in SEO and can provide you with the SEO for video that your business deserves. Ensure that your customers have the best video experience with Digital Age Marketing Group’s SEO – video optimization service.