Social media marketing cannot be ignored

The importance of social media marketing in the SEO scheme of things has grown exponentially in the past year. Social networking sites have become so popular, that those who choose not to use them to their internet marketing advantage would just be wasting valuable resources. Not only are social networking accounts free to use, but they are a great way for businesses to branch out and seek customers. If you don’t already have a Facebook, Twitter or MySpace account, now is most definitely the time to get one.


If televisions these days are coming out with social media features, shouldn’t that tell you a little bit about how the general public perceives social networking? Everywhere you look, people are Tweeting on their smart phones, updating their Facebook statuses or letting their friends know where they have just “checked into.” Not only are social networking sites fun, but they are also great ways to improve the overall success of a business.


Opening up a social networking account for a company is one of the smartest things businesses can do. SEO work is not always cheap or fun to manage, but when it comes to social networking, you don’t have to spend a dime, nor do you have to dread updating your information. All you have to do is set up an account with the name of your business, include information about the company and ensure that there are a sufficient amount of relevant keywords dispersed throughout your text. You can also insert backlinks to your main company website to help increase the number of hits your site gets as well as your credibility with search engines.


On a social networking site, you can advertise more personally than you might be able to on your professional site. You can talk one-on-one with your customers, answer questions, post updates, and even ask for suggestions on what your clients think you should improve about your products or services. Once you start building up your followers, your site will gain popularity and you will reap the benefits in your SEO campaign once you see your site ranking higher.


Another great feature about social networking sites is that you can update them on your own. You don’t need an SEO guru to help you create a profile or maintain it. Just make sure you are updating your status fairly frequently and ensuring good communication with your followers.


This summer, don’t spend hours on Facebook talking about how you are sitting around, doing nothing for your business. Be proactive and set up a social networking site for your company so you can rank higher across a search engine results page.