Social Media Optimization

Social Media Optimization

Social Media Optimization

Let’s face it – Effectively leveraging Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Pinterest, etc. to increase your website traffic and ultimately your sales can be tricky. There are innumerable strategies you could try to incorporate, but the one we focus on primarily is this: Creating relevant, trending blog content every single week, and posting it not only on your site, but also on the top social network sites- yours, ours, everyone’s, and actually getting the content liked, tweeted, shared etc. by end users, creating consistent, organic links to your website that are tied to the very keywords you need to be atop page one of Google Searches.

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We do this by writing a 500+ word original blog, centered on a news-trending, industry related topic. We post for you every week, embedding the keywords we’re targeting within the text of the blog, hyperlinking them to strategic pages, and then getting the blog in front of 50,000+ sets of eyes (fans/followers/friends etc.). This way, the blog gets shared, liked, retweeted, +1’d etc. Every time that happens, it’s a live, organic link posted on the social networks that goes back to your website, and the updated content (blog) that is tied to it, with the keywords embedded within the blog’s text.

We will post these articles on all of your social network pages, along with all of ours (Facebook, Twitter, Google +, LinkedIn, StumbleUpon, Pinterest, etc.). This is called content marketing, and typically we’re able to generate at least 40-50 likes, tweets, +1s, shares, etc. on each blog each week. Again, each of these likes/tweets etc. are actual links that build by the hundreds each month from the social sites, pointing to your keyword rich, updated blog on your website. Google gives ranking prominence to websites that consistently generate these types of links.

This takes time and effort obviously; it’s about consistent updates that are rich in researched, relevant content, that actually get liked, shared, +1’d, retweeted, etc. It’s important to do everything possible to outperform the websites and social pages that are vying for the few top positions on Google, and this is a key component in that effort.

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