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Social networking sites hit the internet in the 90’s and have been becoming ever more popular. Today it seems that everyone belongs to at least one of the social networking sites that are available. They are divided into three categories, general purpose, niche sites that are geared towards a specific theme, and international sites.

The most popular social networking site is it was created in 2003 and today has the largest population base of any of the other network sites. Facebook is also a very popular site, it was originally started for Harvard students and grew to allow all colleges and finally trickled down to the high school level it was opened to the public in 2006. A fast growing international site is HI5 it has over 50 million members worldwide.

Some of the most popular niche sites are available to anyone with similar interests. Flixster combines social networking with movie reviews. is a great networking site where you create your own radio station and listen to the music that you enjoy. It also allows you to listen to friend’s stations or other members stations. Xanga is a social networking site based on blogging it allows you to earn points for participating in the community it has created you can then use your points to purchase neat little web items.

There are many international sites available Badoo is one based out of Europe and is the largest in that area. Migente is an international site that is directed towards Latin America.

The top three social networking sites for small businesses are Linkedin, which is geared towards the professional person, YELP! Is a site for local business anything from contractors to restaurants good reviews on this site can greatly increase your customer base. Facebook is a great site for small business owners simply because everyone goes there, their volume of traffic is amazing.

There are so many sites available today that there is bound to be something for everyone. Take a few minutes and do a web search you will be surprised at the number of sites you might find intriguing. While social networking sites continue to grow it will not be long before you will be able to find whatever type of Niche site you might be looking for, and if not there are even networking sites that are there to help you create your own networking site. It all depends on what your level of participation is. Otherwise, the options are limitless.

So go out onto the web and have fun with it! That is what social networking is all about, having your own little space on the web where you can express yourself however, you choose. Today’s world allows us these options and we should be sure to utilize them. You can meet new people or find old friends it is a great resource to tap into for personal or business uses. You will be pleased and have lots of fun creating your own personal space on the web. Millions do it every day.

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