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Google + – Google Plus is Google’s pet project in the world of social networking. With YouTube already under their belt, Google created Google Plus as a way to compete with Facebook in the social sphere. Much prominence is placed on links built to and from content posted on Google Plus.

Facebook – Facebook is the leader in the social network space, with over 1.23 billion users as of the end of 2014. Linking relevant, trending blog and video content here is a crucial component of any effective SEO and social media content marketing campaign.

Twitter – Twitter, unique in that all posts are limited to 140 characters, famously uses hashtags as their primary search tool. Getting your unique content tweeted, retweeted, favorited, etc., is all an integral part of what we here at Digital Age Marketing Group do.

Pinterest – Primarily a photo sharing site, Pinterest has emerged as a major player in terms of providing SEO juice. Every blog we create for your business will have a corresponding high resolution photo to share on Pinterest, where end users can “Pin” your content.

LinkedIn – The social network site for the business world, LinkedIn has carved out a very unique niche in the social network arena. There really is no social site comparable to them in terms of specialty and reach, and we here at DAMG use the platform in every SMO campaign we run.

YouTube – The leading video uploading and sharing site online, YouTube is owned by none other than Google themselves. All of our video optimization campaigns focus on clients’ YouTube pages, optimizing the videos themselves to appear on page 1 of Google search.

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