The Birth of SEO

Search engine optimization, also known as “SEO,” is a strategy used to improve the traffic to a particular website from a search engine. SEO has become a popular technique, utilized by many companies to improve their revenue and popularity through online exposure. The way SEO works is simple. In order to improve a company’s popularity online, certain fundamental key words must be found throughout the website. Depending on the type of business at hand, certain words are commonly used across other websites. When a person makes an online search for a certain topic, those websites who use the word, or common words, most frequently will appear at the top of the list after the search. The overall concept is to try to have your company’s page ranked high so that web surfers will be more likely to check out your page as opposed to others.

The concept for search engine optimization began in the mid-1990s when the Internet was in its early stages. The more popular Internet usage became, the more companies discovered that they could increase their profits by advertising themselves online. What first began as just uploaded links and indexes on a webpage that would extract information about the site quickly grew into an online phenomenon. A few years later, the SEO technique was born.

Nowadays, almost every company that has a website practices SEO techniques to improve their content. Whether it’s by packing their sites full of key words or by providing links that take web surfers to other pages owned by the company, businesses utilize the technique worldwide. SEO is the number one strategy for increasing online exposure and revenue in this day and age and the benefits of having your website rank highly among competitors has proven to increase the revenue generated from and popularity of a product.

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