Sales Lead Generation

More and more people these days find them selves requiring an increase in generation of sales leads. In order to do this, you need to factor in certain prerequisites. Sales lead generation is not some thing you can do in a haphazard fashion. Think of it as a campaign that you need to plan and coordinate meticulously for it to show results. Executed properly, your sales lead generation program could benefit you greatly in the long run.

Some of the factors you need to keep in mind prior to commencing your sales lead generation exercise, include the following:

Identify your target audience and prepare a profile

Prepare a list of target prospects based on their potential

Work out a strategy for the best possible way to reach out to your target audience

Establish Partner Referrals

Depending on the industry you are in, one of the most effective ways to reach your target audience is to create and develop a network that helps you to access the relevant contacts. Chamber and associations apart, tap others like you who are selling B2B. Develop a network of sales reps from other non-competing organizations that are targeting the same prospects as you, although for a different product line. Partner with these vendors to share information and leads on your target prospects.

Consider Cold Calls

Although most people actively dislike the concept of cold calls, it really still is one of the most effective methods. Provided it is executed effectively and in an organized manner. The secret of effective cold calling lies in consistency. If you are consistent (read that as persistent!) in prospecting for potential leads on the phone, you are most likely to be consistent in generating sales leads.


A seminar can be an effective tool for generating sales leads. The different types of seminars include the following:

Teleseminar – the most cost effective. You only expense is the rental on the conference phone line and promotion cost.

Webinar – the most expensive. This is due to the very large fee that meeting services providers charge for their services.

Live Seminar – your best bet. The expenses include rental on the venue, audio-visual equipment, refreshments and promotional costs, and you have the option to plan it within your budget. The advantage is that you can target your pitch to your target prospect early in the process of buying to capture your share of the relevant market. You also have the option to let your sales executives present the pitch.

Trade Shows

Trade shows that target your prospects industry eliminate wastage of resources. However, you may not always reach the decision makers at a trade show.

Mass Mailing

A well-worded sales letter targeted directly at your prospect (you must ensure a quality mailing list) has a great deal of potential. This medium is not utilized enough primarily because most sales professionals have not mastered this medium as a method of communication. However, a lot of direct marketing companies now handle this medium and can be consulted.

Some of the other methods of sales lead generation include advertising – online and offline. This is in addition to email marketing. Choose wisely from these options and you will not find it difficult to generate sales leads.

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