Survey Shows Facebook Used as Tool in Divorce Cases

If you think social media sites like Facebook are just fun and games, think again. A recent study by Divorce-Online, a British legal service, revealed that Facebook was used as evidence in one-third of all divorce filings in 2011. Some divorce lawyers will use this to help them win their cases. But not all lawyers do this. There are loads of lawyers out there though, for example, if you are going through a divorce you could easily use someone like this Chicago Divorce Lawyer to help you out in your difficult time.

While many use the legal Internet marketing site for networking, business endeavors or just plain fun, it turns out that Facebook is also a great tool for divorce lawyers who are trying to prove their clients’ spouses are cheating or engaging in other inappropriate activities.

What makes Facebook so appealing is that it allows users to post information about themselves, their whereabouts, photos, and other incriminating information. However, the very thing that makes it so tempting to use is exactly what can lead to the dissolution of a marriage and a hefty settlement for the other party.

According to divorce attorney Sam Khoroosi, Facebook has become an important tool used to leverage divorce or legal separation cases over the past three years.

“You can find good evidence of bad behavior on Facebook,” explained Khoroosi, who says has found evidence of cheating, addiction and criminal activity on Facebook that he used in previous cases.

“It can be something as simple as relationship status that could make a difference in a divorce case if alleging adultery,” Khoroosi added. “If you’re the side using the evidence getting on Facebook, consider it a good source and if you’re on the other side, you’re not so happy with it.”

While horsing around on Facebook can be fun, Khoroosi advises everyone to be careful what they post, even if they are not in the process of getting a divorce. The social networking and online marketing hub can be fun, but it can also damage an individual – or business’ – reputation.

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